Car park lining at the Olympic Stadium

Cars are coming and going 24/7 in the parking garage of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Here and there, the lines have become invisible which doesn’t make the situation any clearer. Any long term closure of parts of the garage for floor maintenance would be difficult for many drivers to accept. And that’s without mentioning the loss of revenue that would occur with such a closure. With SolidLux these are no longer considerations.The coating contractor, Bert van Kruistum from Veenendaal, are going to apply 600 meters of new line markings while the parking garage remains in constant use.

“Parking spaces are scarce in Amsterdam. Therefore, you’d rather not close for floor maintenance. And it’s not even necessary anyway.”

The substrate consists of a monolithic finished concrete with worn lines, markings and pedestrian crossings. The composition of the old coating is unknown and, therefore, the surface will be very carefully mechanically sanded with a 60 grit. After masking off the lines, the first layer will be applied with a 2k roller: SolidLux Basecoat, will be mechanically mixed with 25% SolidLux Adhesive for extra good adhesion to porous, highly absorbent and/or dense concrete surfaces. After the application, the tape will first be removed and then the coating exposed with the UV Floormate. In places where coverage isn’t perfect due to variation in the substrate, a second, precautionary layer of SolidLux Base Coat will be applied and cured.

The lines will be re-masked and then treated with a layer of SolidLux Topcoat. The tape will be removed and the surface once more exposed with the UV Floormate, with the brackets placed horizontally.

The team will be working in blocks, whereby the closed-off areas will be kept to a minimum. After removing the ribbons from freshly completed parts they can be immediately occupied by cars, however you tend to notice that drivers gingerly avoid stepping on the new lines. This is understandable, but totally unnecessary. The coating, after curing, is 100% safe for contact with tyres and high heels.