Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to all information collected or used by Lowland Coatings International B.V. and any of its affiliated enterprises.

Providing details

Whether or not you wish to make use of the services offered via this website is strictly your own decision. Your personal details may be passed on to different business units of Lowland Coatings International B.V. This enables them to communicate with you about our services or your application. We will refer to your personal details to respond to your request and provide information on Lowland Coatings International B.V. If you do not wish to receive personal information you can instruct this via the contact form. Personal details of customers and website visitors are handled with respect and are protected.

Other parties & Lowland Coatings International B.V.

• Lowland Coatings International B.V.. may contact another company or business in connection with the processing of your request or your data. Lowland Coatings International B.V.. requires these parties to adequately protect your personal details and to not use the information for any purpose other than for which it was provided to Lowland Coatings International B.V.
• Lowland Coatings International B.V. from time to time offer a service within the frame of a joint marketing promotion with other industries. In such cases your personal details will be shared with the enterprises concerned. Please bear in mind that these businesses will likely have their own privacy policy with respect to the use of your personal details, and that their policies may vary from the privacy statement of Lowland Coatings International B.V..
• Lowland Coatings International B.V.. will release personal details when so required by law.
• Lowland Coatings International B.V.. does not share your personal details with third parties, hence your personal details cannot be used by such parties for their own purposes. Lowland Coatings International B.V.. does not extend personal data to a third party unless such is inevitable for the purpose of processing your request, providing a service, processing an invoice, or prevent or combat fraud. This website may contain links to other websites. You are advised to read the privacy policy of the relevant website(s), which may vary from the privacy statement of Lowland Coatings International B.V.

Recording visitor data

When you visit our website to view or download information, several bits of visitor information are stored by us. For example, the IP address of the computer you are using, and the date and time of your visit to our website. This information helps us quantify website traffic and improve the quality of our website.


Our website sends a cookie- a small text file- to your computer. This enables us to identify your computer when you visit us next without having to ask you to logon again. ‘Cookies’ also help us remember your requests. If you do not wish to receive cookies you may consult the ‘help’ section of your internet browser to find out how to block cookies, or to instruct your computer to issue a warning before a cookie is stored in memory.

Your rights

After you have provided your personal details, you may request Lowland Coatings International B.V. at any time to change or remove your details. You can use the contact form for this.