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In some places, floors are always in full service. Where activity continues around the clock, coating a floor can be an ordeal. After many years of research a ground-breaking solution is now available: a floor coating that cures in seconds and is instantly wear-resistant. SolidLux Instant Coating.

SolidLux makes the unthinkable happen

A new floor coating, finished at the speed of light. Literally, because this unique, patented coating system is the only floor coating that cures instantly via exposure to UV light. The treated surface is cured and impact resistant within minutes.

With SolidLux, any nuisance is kept to an absolute minimum. While a section of the floor is being treated, traffic in the areas remaining continues as usual. What’s more, SolidLux can be used anywhere, inside or outside.

The benefits of SolidLux

✔     Instantly resists mechanical and chemical impact

✔     Solvent free

✔     No influence on taste and smell

✔     Low CO2 footprint

✔     Suitable for indoors and outdoors

✔     Temperature independent

The system

The complete SolidLux system consists of the following products.
The best product for a perfect result is determined per situation.


  • hard-wearing topcoat
  • long life, excellent outdoor resistance
  • cleans perfectly
  • solvent-free


  • suitable as primer and pre-finishing coat
  • powerful adhesion
  • solvent-free


  • solidifies porous surfaces
  • easy to work with
  • dual cure technology


  • ultramodern Silane UV-technology
  • fast attachment
  • solvent free
The gains

Time is money, so your gain is a simple sum: a SolidLux floor coating system can be applied with business being carried on as usual and minimum of disruption of your workflow. Another important benefit – not expressed as a cash value - is customer satisfaction of residents, users and the public, thanks to minimal disruption of access to (gallery) flats, parking garages or other public spaces.

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Solidlux colour palette


SolidLux is available in the following industrial standard colours.

Other colours available
from 250 m² and up

solidlux floor colors


Solidlux is available in seven standard colours for delineation

Solidlux lineage colors
NOTE: colours shown are an indication only.
Other colours available on request