Wash-up kitchen in the Royal Concert Hall

Amsterdam, just after midnight at the Royal Concert Hall. The last visitors are leaving, the lights in the auditorium and the foyer have been turned off, and the employees are pulling on their coats. Tomorrow morning, the cleaning crew will be waiting outside on the pavement. More than enough time for the men of Painting Holland Group to recoat the floor of the wash-up kitchen, so that the next day it can be back up and running.

A great relief for the client, because the current epoxy coating is in urgent need of replacement. The anti-slip coating is worn and the floor has quite a lot of damage due to falling crockery and glasses. Normally, after the application of a new floor, the kitchen would be out of use for a number of days. Not with SolidLux. This can be applied in the middle of the night without anyone noticing, let alone suffering from it.

“A new floor coating that complies with all hygiene requirements and is applied within a few hours. You have to see to believe it.”

Firstly, the minor damage to the floor is repaired with SolidLux Putty: a spot repair paste which is immediately cured with the UV Floormate light. The treated areas are then smoothed with 80 grit sandpaper, cleaned of dust and taped.

Then follows a layer of SolidLux Basecoat, which is first applied with a brush and a 6 mm roller to the upright skirting, both hollow and solid. While these are being cured with a UV-hand lamp, the rest of the floor is rolled and checked with the UV Floormate. The tape is removed before exposure. Any small bumps which remain in the surface are treated again with SolidLux Putty, hardened and sanded.

Finally the SolidLux Topcoat finish is applied: the skirting with brushes, the floor with rollers, it’s exposed to UV and ready to go. The heavy dish carts are rolled back inside and at to 3:55 pm the last lights go off at the Royal Concert Hall. Tomorrow will be another busy day…