Catering kitchen, pancake restaurant

Maintenance of kitchen floor at Pancake House ‘De Honingpot’.

Existing floor:
Trowelled epoxy floor with polyurethane topcoat, sprinkled with a white flake.

The floor of the restaurant kitchen is used intensively every day (torsional strain, treading) and cleaned with chemical cleaning agents. The old floor is heavily worn and damaged, which is undesirable, also from the perspective of hygiene. With a traditional floor coating system, the kitchen would be out of use for a week. With SolidLux, the job is done within 3 hours.

“With a regular coating we’d have to shut the place for almost a week and that’s a significant loss. The job was now finished in less than three hours!”

The aisle was cleaned, degreased, sanded by hand and lined with masking tape. Worn patches were twice treated with a coat of SolidLux Basecoat, whereby the first coat was mixed with 10% SolidLux Adhesive for optimal adhesion between the old coating and the new finish. The surface was then completely treated with SolidLux Basecoat. Finally, a SolidLux Topcoat was applied and manually sprinkled with a white flake. When treating smaller areas such as this the portable UV lamp is ideal. All you do is run the lamp over the surface after each coat and the surface coat is cured and ready to receive the next layer.