Maintenance stairs and landings Amsterdam-North

During the major maintenance of the post-war porch houses at the Botterstraat in Amsterdam North, the stairwells were a challenge. There is no lift or alternative access to the flats in this type of house. Painting the stairs and landings therefore requires a great deal of organisation and coordination with the residents.

Portiekwoning Amsterdam

Initially, the intention was to provide the concrete stairs and landings with a traditional floor coating system. This meant that emergency facilities had to be installed, because drying out the various layers of paint takes time. This was not an ideal situation for this project where limiting inconvenience to residents was an important starting point for client De Alliantie VvE Diensten.

“People don’t want to do daredevil feats every time to get to the front door. After a working day they just want to go in with the children or the shopping. SolidLux makes it possible.”

Managing company Etro Vastgoedzorg came up with the solution: SolidLux. After all, this innovative system has no drying time, but is cured and walkable immediately after application. Installing emergency facilities for access to the homes is therefore superfluous and saves a lot of organisation and communication with residents..

And so, it could happen that residents who left for work in the morning, on their return, found a beautifully finished staircase and platform floor to their amazement. There were no daredevil feats with skipping steps or decking. And no odour nuisance either, because SolidLux does not contain any solvents.

“SolidLux has no drying time, so you can apply several layers one after the other. No emergency facilities, no complex organisation or intensive resident communication. Very efficient.”

Technical system information of maintenance

The untreated concrete floor has become very dirty and greasy over the years. The surface has therefore first been thoroughly pre-treated for good adhesion. Then the landings and stairs were rolled twice with SolidLux Basecoat, whereby the wet paint was cured in between with the Decorad UV hand lamp. This was followed by the finishing coat SolidLux Topcoat in the colour SL7001; sparingly black and white flakes were sprinkled into the wet layer, after which the surface was cured one last time.