Gallery floors apartment complex Old Trafford Amsterdam

The Old Trafford apartment complex on the former Ajax-grounds in the Watergraafsmeer has 32 apartments divided over five floors. The Homeowners Association opted for a Result-oriented maintenance for a period of 25 years; this guarantees the residents a well-maintained complex with a foreseeable fixed budget. The residents were completely ‘reassured’ and that, according to the contractor Etro Vastgoedzorg, also ensured optimal accessibility. For that reason the gallery floors were treated with Solidlux; the users experienced virtually no discomfort and it saved Etro the usual organisational headaches and emergency measures.

The gallery floors in the complex consist of prefab concrete slabs with a waffled texture which were cleaned with a high pressure spray a week before the treatment. For good adhesion, a layer of SolidLux Base Coat SL was first mixed with 25% SolidLux Adhesive and applied to the floor. The tiles in the concrete were masked off. This tape being removed just before curing. To avoid a too-thick edging, the tiles in the subsequent layers were trimmed.

“The residents, in terms of ​​maintenance, were free of worry. This included optimal accessibility to their apartments”

After curing, a second layer of SolidLux Basecoat was applied which had a small amount dry sand (0.3-0.8 mm grain) added to it. Too much sand is really not necessary; this doesn’t provide a better anti-slip effect, it only negatively affects the consumption of the SolidLux Topcoat.

After curing the second layer with the Floormate, the last layer was applied: SolidLux Topcoat. For a decorative finish, machined flakes were introduced into the wet layer. One last curing and the job was done: a beautifully finished non-slip floor that is once again fully accessible and highly resilient. A great outcome for the residents as well as the maintenance company.