Patented system

SolidLux has been developed in collaboration with specialized market partners in the field of UV technology and application technology. This co-creation has resulted in a patented system that is a breakthrough in the area of floor finishing. Never before has it been possible to develop and manufacture an instantly curing, industrial grade, hard wearing floor coating.

The Products

The basic SolidLux coating consists of SolidLux Basecoat and SolidLux Topcoat. The starting point was to develop a range of coatings consisting of a 100% solid, solvent free, yet with good flow and easy to apply, based on instant and total curing by UV technology. Many years of research and development have produced an innovative coating system that meets the above criteria- and more: an industrial quality topcoat with excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses and fully resistant to outside conditions. The Basecoat, too, has superseded expectations both in adhesion and curing. Without even having to sand between coats the Basecoat delivers excellent adhesion to the substrate, pre-finishing coat and topcoat.

To be able to introduce a coating system that would provide a solution in every situation, three specific products were added to the basic system, using identical UV technology: the Glue for smooth surfaces to achieve extra adhesion and the Adhesive as a primer coat for porous and absorbent surfaces.

Together with the SolidLux Basecoat and Topcoat these products form the complete kit for instant floor coating in countless applications. An innovation that is recognised as a break-through in coating technology, setting the standard for quality and speed.