Efficient floorline markings in production hall food packaging ITS

ITS is a leading manufacturer of household packaging for food-related products. ITS is also a business partner for major retailers in Europe and for wholesalers. Providing convenience in preparing and storing fresh food is what it is all about. ITS faced the challenge of improving the floorline marking in the production halls in an effective way. With SolidLux, a solution was found where quality and continuity are guaranteed.

Standing still is going backwards  

Previously, line marking was done with traditional coatings. The production always had to be shut down for several days, which is a thing of the past with SolidLux. SolidLux is applied in phases. When applying UV coating, preparation is particularly important. This should be done carefully, after which the line markings are applied at the speed of light. Then the lining is immediately load resistant and ready for use, even with a heavily loaded forklift. Due to the many logistics movements in the production hall, there was a lot of wear and tear. The strength and abrasion resistance of the floor coating is important to ITS. 

Immediately operational after coating application 

By mutual agreement, Rand ITS create a smart schedule and the application team ensures that work can continue as usual. RapidLine’s applicators use a precise and efficient process for applying SolidLux coating. While production is running, the applicators start pre-treating the floor. After this, the new lines are laid out and the SolidLux line marking system is applied. When a bonding layer is applied, UV exposure causes the surface to cure immediately. A primer and topcoat are then applied, which are also cured by UV. The coating system is extremely abrasion-resistant and therefore will last for years, meaning ITS will not have to worry about floor finishes for years to come. 

‘’The lines are clear, highly visible and look high quality. From both internal and external sources, I have already received several compliments on the looks and shine of the lines.’’ 

Daan van Eeuwijk – ITS