For application specialists

SolidLux is sold and applied via network of certified specialists. A choice that ensures high quality, professional floor coatings.

As a SolidLux specialist you are familiar with and trained in all manner of specific coating and UV technology and uniquely equipped to optimise the benefits of the SolidLux system, for your clients and yourself.

Why SolidLux?

  • Complete product range
  • Time savings: a complete system in one single application run
  • Standard system is single-component (base and topcoat)
  • No pot life, roller traces, no striping
  • Minimal loss of material
  • Fewer application tools, less waste
  • Can be used in low temperatures
  • 100% solid and solvent-free
  • Suitable for stairways combined with UV hand-held lamp

Application process

The SolidLux application process is much like the process of applying a traditional floor coating. Pre-treatment takes the same amount of time and attention as traditional coatings. Since most SolidLux coats are applied as a single-component product the application is practical and efficient. The spectacular difference is after the coating has been applied. Instead of sitting down and waiting, a walk with a UV lamp is all it takes to ready the floor for the next coat or - in case of the topcoat – to render a fully cured floor coating.


Want to become an application specialist?

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