Gallery floor of retirement complex Wilhelminastaete

Maintenance performed on gallery floor of retirement complex ‘Wilhelminastaete’.

Existing floor:
smooth floor finish on polyurethane basis.

The original floor is worn and slippery. The latter especially is a safety hazard for senior residents who often use mobility aids. Hence, it is important that nuisance from maintenance work is kept to a minimum: running partitions are cumbersome and difficult to access with a walking frame or a wheelchair. With SolidLux, such emergency provisions are not necessary. By treating the floor in sections the gallery continues to be accessible to residents, with no more than a 15 minute wait in between.

“I could cross the floor with my walking frame after 15 minutes to do my shopping!” .

The existing floor is sanded and provided with two coats of SolidLux Basecoat. The second coat is sprinkled with kiln dried filter sand, 0.2-0.6. The surface is finished with a SolidLux Topcoat. After each coat a portable UV lamp is used for instant curing.

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